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2020-21 Autumn / Winter Couture Collection

Inspired by a tale of timeless romance and a past preserved in time, the collection follows a young girl as she discovers her Great Grandmother’s attic.

Upon finding an antique locket within her Great Grandmother’s possessions, the girl uncovers a world that has been hidden from plain sight. Heirloom pays homage to the grandeur of a bygone era, long forgotten under lock and key.

Featuring a delicately muted colour palette, the soft hues of Bois de Rose are playfully juxtaposed against Piombo grey. Romantic silhouettes and fitted corsets are a nod to the golden majesty of the early 1900s. Re-envisaged for modernity, couture pieces are light and airy, capturing the ideals of transcendent love, nostalgic beauty and connection to another time and place.

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