Moonlight Serenade


She is lost in a sea of light and glitter. Spangled gowns dance around her, chandeliers drip diamonds from above, and the rich sounds of symphony fill the room. Though the night is young, her mind dizzies, and she makes her way across the floor, desperate for reprieve. A sigh of pleasure as the cool, evening air embraces her skin. She flocks towards the garden, her dress a glistening trail of stardust down the stone steps. Moonlight greets her and the symphony fades, she is alone at last. Now, the gentle hum of the breeze dances upon her lips. She finds herself swaying to a tune of twilight, as if the moon itself serenaded her from the sky. He beams for her, and she twirls for him. The stars twinkle in time to their song. She is lost in a sea of light and glitter.